Dr. Sorin Cohn-Sfetcu

Project Leader, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Innovation, Strategy
Coaching, Technology
Dr. Sorin Cohn-Sfetcu


A strategic executive, Dr. Sorin Cohn has extensive international management, business and technology expertise having been involved in most facets of 'innovation and corporate development': from idea to implementation plan and organization, from product to market success on the global stage. Sorin was the Chair of the Board of Startup Canada, developing successful entrepreneurship. He also works with the Center for Business Innovation at the Conference Board of Canada towards recapturing Canada's role as a business innovation leader. As Chief Program Officer at i-Canada Alliance, he contributes to building "intelligent" Canada community by community. Sorin is Founder and CEO of BD Cohnsulting, focusing on business development in its broadest terms. He consults and acts as interim C-Executive with companies in Canada and USA.