Jason Donkersgoed

Leadership Expert and Coach, Gooddonker Coaching and Consulting

Leadership, Emotional Intelligence
Sales, Innovation
Jason Donkersgoed


Jason has been on a lifelong journey dedicated to leadership. It was a personal loss that served as a wake-up call, compelling him to wholeheartedly commit himself to the art of leadership and transform his passion into a lifelong mission. Jason's fascination with leadership began during his teenage years, leaving an indelible mark on his life's trajectory. 

For him, leadership became more than just a pursuit; it became an outlet—a means of escaping from an imperfect life. Though the journey may have had an unconventional start, Jason's passion for leadership continued to grow. Over the course of three decades, he has diligently refined his leadership skills. Jason's commitment to personal growth and his insatiable thirst for knowledge have driven him to explore and test various facets of leadership. Today, armed with a wealth of experience and insights, he dedicates himself to leveraging this knowledge to help others become exceptional leaders.