Lubna Forzley

Founder & CEO - Stories, Stories

Coaching, Mental Health
Storytelling, Storytelling
Lubna Forzley


Lubna Forzley is the Founder and CEO of Stories, a portal that supports every founder to get their inner and online story right. She has spoken in and moderated large conferences, including TEDx and Euromoney Conferences and lead workshops with global organizations including Coca-Cola and UNDP. Through her talks, she has shared the stage with Ministers, leading Entrepreneurs, and Global innovators including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. Last but not least, she has spoken in many podcasts around the world. Beyond leading the company, Lubna is also a certified coach and a member of Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry Community. Lubna has coached leaders in Fortune 500 organizations and in the following organizations: Coca Cola, Google, American Express, BP, Bayer, Square, BASF, Whiteboard Advisors, US Department of Airforce, Federal Aviation Administration, DaVita, and CVC Health Corporation. She has helped so many entrepreneurs articulate their WHY and grow their revenue and often speaks about this.