Ayush Chopra

Founder, SDGs For Children

Entrepreneurship, Academics
ESG and Sustainability, ESG and Sustainability
Ayush Chopra


Ayush Chopra, a global advocate for the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, began his journey at Ahlcon International School, India, and now studies in Grade 12 at Rick Hansen Senior Secondary School, Canada. Awarded The Diana Award, he's among the Most Influential Young Change Makers worldwide. Ayush is the Founder of 'SDGs For Children,' a platform fostering global youth collaboration for sustainability. As a pioneer Indian ambassador for TeachSDGs, he's a Student Ambassador for various global projects and an AFI Youth Ambassador at the UN. He represented India as the Youth Ambassador at the 14th Annual International Human Rights Summit and authored "Shaping A Fairer World with SDGs and Human Rights." Ayush's podcast, 'Shaping A Fairer World,' connects voices globally to advocate for change. He believes in the power of voices for transformation.